For every newly married bride, the house is a contest of the most coveted. Because the article, have their own home make you become calmer and safer. However, the house is comfortable not only be great. building type 36 or 45 also has quite appropriate as the initial occupancy of the early days of marriage. Minimalist home can also make a much depleted pockets for Parquet Flooring.

Capitalized acumen in arranging the interior space, this minimalist home can also make you live a comfortable life with your beloved family. Now, without a loss for inspiration in many places

Staying in an apartment allows you to access the facilities publics.
This is because normally the apartment is located in strategic places such as in
the city center. Out for a bit of an apartment you can access
public transportation with ease. After a long day of work would you
need to rest in a comfortable apartment.

The apartment design is perfect for you. From the front you can
saw some iron fenced balcony. From the balcony you can
see such beautiful scenery magnificent church and trees
towering green. Balconies decorated with flowers beautiful naturally
the right side. As a complement there is a set of tables and chairs.
The floor is ceramic partially carpeted. The connecting door between the balcony
and the main room is made of glass and wood. While the walls are all painted

You can lie comfortably in the bed is quite wide and
simple with a small white table beside him. Framed picture hanging
wall above the bed. Walls and ceilings are painted white and the
flooring from laminate floor.

Hanger on the wall makes it easy to hang clothes or bags.
There is a white closet with a large size. There basket
garbage in the corner and a mirror mounted on the wall. Study room
designed a minimalist and simple. Cat furniture in it too
colored white. Meanwhile in the living room is also available
study room or if you want to read something. there is a set of chairs
wood combined with the oval-shaped wooden table unique. laminate floor
an option for the floor and there is a gorgeous chandelier