Getting your high school senior ready for college can be daunting.  First, you’ve got to start the process of applying to colleges.  Some experts say this should be done as early as junior year.  If there’s a sizeable selection of schools, setting up a spreadsheet with a timeline and updating it faithfully keeps things organized, but if the computer you are using is outdated and s-l-o-w, it can be frustrating.   So you’ve got to upgrade your equipment, and one of the best ways to do that is by shopping the Groupon website for deals on computers and other electronics that will handle the growing demands of your youngster.

With so many electronic devices on the market you hardly know where to start.  The college selection process was stressful enough.  You worked hard to make sure every application was complete, met with the guidance counselor, got high school transcripts together and sent off your package complete with SAT scores and a brilliant essay that only took a week of agonizing to pull together.  Now, it’s your turn to let them know how proud you are of the work they put into the process.  Creating a spreadsheet to keep up with the applications and chart each step was very useful, and it also showed something more important – that old laptop just won’t cut it anymore.

In the coming months, as the acceptance or rejection letters show up, boost your student’s confidence by purchasing the items that will help guarantee their success.

The best place to begin your search might not be the one that comes immediately to mind, but if you search the Groupon site, you’re sure to find great deals on electronics including PC’s, tablets, notebooks, smartphones and more.  And when you use a Groupon to shop a name brand dealer like Lenovo, you can’t go wrong.  Right now, there are deals on the Groupon site that would knock off over 40%.  And you can save more on their weekly deals, plus use coupon codes on exclusive deals and other savings.

Finding the perfect college to attend might be tricky, but when it comes to the perfect brand for a powerful, smartly designed and efficient computer, the smart choice is Lenovo.