Now that summer vacations are round the corner, all the Indian unclejis and auntyjis, with bathroom tanks full of wands of cash (otherwise, from where do they get so much money?!), are planning to visit some exotic European or Amreekan destinations. Whereas people like you and I, whose mothers are secretly planning to use our savings to buy gold jewellery for that inescapable trap called marriage, are also dreaming of visiting some distinctive and hatke place. Not to forget the one that fits in the budget too!

What about South Africa? It won’t burn a hole in your pocket like any exotic European destination would. Whilst you may think immediately that this is too expensive, bear in mind that you can find plenty of cheap flights to South Africa on sale which will dramtically bring down the cost of your trip before you even depart.

There is much more to South Africa than Shakira’s FIFA world cup dance.  Here are some obvious and some not-so-obvious reasons why you should just pack your bags and book a ticket to South Africa:

  • Great sunny weather with white sandy beaches. I am already tempted! Camps Bay and Clifton beaches in Cape Town are some of the best in the world. These posh beaches of Africa come with aquamarine water, trendy cafes, open-air restaurants, and over-sized mansions, which can turn even a geek into a party animal. Click some of the hottest pictures to turn your colleagues green.

Sunny and Sandy. Over there in blue shorts and umnn

  • Want a crash course on becoming a connoisseur of wine tasting? You are at the right place. South Africa’s wine estate Groot Constantia produces the world’s best wine. You can drink till you drop off! However, it comes at a price. Oh come on, we are talking about the best here. Caution: Don’t mention this reason in front of your mother, or all your savings are turning into that precious yellow metal.

Care for some wine, darling?

  • But the reason that will get you a pat on the back is the exploration of South Africa’s incredible biodiversity. Visit Cape Floral Kingdom of South Africa, a UNESCO heritage site that has almost 9,000 plant species, with some 1,435 species identified as endangered. Not yet convinced? South Africa has penguins!

Aren’t we cute?!!

  • South Africa has the richest and the most vibrant culture among all the African countries. You will find a unique blend of all racial identities here, like Asians, Americans, and Europeans. So if you know English, you will never get lost. But even then, you can get a feel of true African culture by exploring the villages. Many tour packages allow you to have a brush with the real African way of life. The villages are where authentic African artwork exists. Do not miss those wild nights of singing and dancing to drum beats, as music is central to African culture.

Dhoom dhoom dhaap dhaap! Er..that’s the drum sound.

  • And the baap of all the reasons— the wild African safaris. Do I even need to mention that South Africa is the best host when it comes to safaris?! Kruger National Park is one of the oldest national reserves in Africa. It is home to Africa’s Big Five: Elephant, Lion, Rhino, Leopard and Buffalo, that will definitely leave you in awe.

Hey dude, what’s up?!

Isn’t South Africa a hotter destination with oodles of adventure and raw fun? Better than the overseen clean and green ‘phoren’ Karan-Johar movie locales.